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About the Band

Downhill Ryder is a band of songwriters that blends acoustic and electric sounds on an eclectic rock landscape. Each member brings a distinct musical influence and style to the mix, that when combined, create a sound that is uniquely Downhill Ryder. Although hard to label, they lean heavily towards a roots-rock sound, but you will surely hear the pull of the blues, southern rock, country, jazz, and even a touch of folk.

Their offering of straight-forward, unpretentious and soulful musicianship, along with thoughtful, catchy songwriting and their comfortable and familiar stage presence, ensures that the audience has a good time.

These Bend, Oregon locals perform mostly original music that offers fresh and captivating energy, yet feels familiar like a loved favorite.

“This rootsy five-piece [Downhill Ryder] was the big find of the [Bend Roots Revival] festival for me. …the band offered up intriguing originals and covers…” –The Bulletin

Downhill Ryder's collaborative songwriting draws heavily upon life experiences to deliver clever lyrics and narratives in each song.

“The music behind the personal lyrics is strong…” –The Source Weekly

Lynda Beauchamp (vocals, keyboard and percussion), Scott Schauer (vocals, guitars and harmonica), Matthew Finfer (electric guitars), John Allen (bass guitar), and Don Williams (drums) combine genres to create a sound that is uniquely Downhill Ryder.

Downhill Ryder is based in Bend, OR. Give them a listen to hear something new.

Gig Schedule

May-27-2013 7:00pm Broken Top Bottle Shop
Jun-30-2013 4:00pm Bite of Bend
Jul-04-2013 2:00pm Deschutes County Fairgrounds
Aug-30-2013 5:30pm The Little Woody Festival [Duo]
Sep-29-2013 1:00pm Bend Roots Festival
Oct-18-2013 7:00pm Brasada Ranch [Trio]
Oct-19-2013 4:00pm Awbrey Glen Restaurant [Quartet]
Nov-01-2013 6:00pm Bend Brewing Company [Duo]
Nov-06-2013 7:00pm Volcanic Theatre Pub
Dec-13-2013 6:00pm The Blacksmith [Duo]
Jan-22-2014 7:00pm The Hideaway Tavern [Duo]
Apr-04-2014 7:30pm Volcanic Theatre Pub
Apr-27-2014 5:00pm Liberty Theatre
May-23-2014 8:00pm Silver Moon Brewing
Jun-05-2014 7:30pm The Summit Saloon
Jul-26-2014 5:00pm Elk Lake Lodge
Aug-15-2014 7:00pm The Loft [Duo]
Sep-20-2014 12:00pm [Private Party]
Sep-26-2014 7:00pm Bend Roots Festival
Oct-01-2014 7:00pm CD Release Show @ McMenamins
Old St. Francis School
Nov-06-2014 8:00pm Volcanic Theatre Pub
Feb-21-2015 9:00pm 3rd Street Pub
Mar-14-2015 8:00pm Silver Moon Brewing
May-04-2015 8:00pm Volcanic Theatre Pub
May-11-2015 6:30pm Deschutes Brewery
Jun-11-2015 5:00pm Lovejoy's Summer Beer Garden Festival
Jul-11-2015 5:00pm Elk Lake Resort
Jul-25-2015 5:00pm Old Stone Church [Peace Bridges Fundraiser]
Jul-30-2015 8:00pm Deschutes County Fairgrounds
Aug-07-2015 8:00pm Silver Moon Brewing
Aug-26-2015 7:00pm Worthy Brewing
Sep-17-2015 8:00pm Volcanic Theatre Pub [Trio]
Sep-19-2015 6:00pm Wubba's BBQ Shack
Sep-26-2015 1:30pm Roots Revival
Oct-09-2015 7:00pm ATLAS Cider Co.
Oct-10-2015 8:00pm Kelly D's Irish Pub
Oct-23-2015 6:00pm Faith Hope and Charity Vineyards [Trio]
Nov-29-2015 5:00pm Volcanic Theatre Pub [Benefit]
Dec-08-2015 5:00pm Wubba's BBQ Shack [Trio]
Dec-30-2015 7:00pm McMenamins Old St. Francis School
Jan-22-2016 6:00pm Crux Fermentation Project
Feb-19-2016 8:00pm Silver Moon Brewing
Apr-30-2016 8:00pm Bottoms Up Saloon (Redmond)
May-12-2016 4:00pm [Private Party]
Jun-04-2016 5:00pm Crux Fermentation Project
Jun-10-2016 5:00pm [Private Party (trio)]
Jun-30-2016 7:00pm McMenamins Old St. Francis School
Jul-08-2016 6:00pm Wubba's BBQ Shack
Aug-11-2016 7:30pm Northside Bar and Grill
Aug-18-2016 5:00pm Lovejoy's Beer Garden Festival
Aug-27-2016 5:30pm [Private Party]
Sep-16-2016 7:00pm ATLAS Cider Co.
Jan-19-2017 7:30pm Northside Bar and Grill
Feb-26-2017 8:00pm Volcanic Theatre Pub
Apr-06-2017 7:30pm Northside Bar and Grill
Apr-22-2017 7:00pm Chicks with Picks Fundraiser
May-24-2017 7:00pm McMenamins Old St. Francis School
Jul-14-2017 6:00pm Wubba's BBQ Shack
Sep-29-2017 6:00pm Wubba's BBQ Shack
Sep-30-2017 5:00pm Bend Roots Revival
Oct-07-2017 6:30pm Bend Fall Festival (Locals Stage)
Feb-01-2018 7:00pm McMenamins Old St. Francis School
Feb-17-2018 5:30pm Oregon WinterFest
Mar-23-2018 9:00pm Silver Moon Brewing
Mar-29-2018 7:30pm Northside Bar and Grill
Apr-12-2018 7:00pm Spoken Moto
Jun-08-2018 7:00pm Atlas Cider
Jun-14-2018 7:30pm Northside Bar and Grill
Jun-29-2018 9:00pm Silver Moon Brewing
Jun-30-2018 5:00pm On Tap Bend
Jul-08-2018 6:00pm Private Party
Jul-19-2018 8:30pm The Riverside in Maupin OR
Jul-27-2018 7:00pm Avid Cider
Aug-02-2018 5:00pm C.E. Lovejoy's Summer Beer Garden
Aug-08-2018 6:00pm Sam Johnson Park
Aug-24-2018 5:00pm Crux Fermentation Project
Sep-15-2018 3:30pm Private Party
Sep-29-2018 5:00pm Roots Revival
Nov-09-2018 6:30pm Spoken Moto
Dec-14-2018 6:00pm River's Place
Mar-07-2019 7:00pm McMenamins Old St. Francis School
May-16-2019 7:30pm Northside Bar and Grill
Jun-15-2019 7:00pm Cabin 22
Jun-21-2019 6:00pm Sunnyside Sports
Jun-29-2019 6:00pm On Tap
Jul-06-2019 7:00pm The Brown Owl
Jul-14-2019 7:00pm Worthy Brewing
Jul-20-2019 3:00pm Immersion Brewing
Jul-25-2019 5:00pm CE Lovejoys
Aug-13-2019 7:00pm The Village at Sunriver
Aug-16-2019 7:00pm Avid Cider
Aug-24-2019 6:00pm Crux Fermentation Project
Sep-12-2019 6:00pm River's Place

Booking Information

: info(at)downhillryder.com
: (541) 280-1127

CD Releases

The band's self-titled debut CD released in 2015

The band's sophomore CD released on May 24, 2017